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What to Expect

The First Step – Patient Registration

Our first step is to determine how we can help you with the goal of fixing the cause of your problem. After you complete some basic registration information, we will make an appointment for you to visit our office. This form can be completed on-line. Please click “Submit’ after doing so.

The Second Step – Your Office Visit

When you visit Fix the Cause Chiropractic, Dr. Witherspoon will speak to you and determine if your issue seems like one with which we are equipped to help. If we are, Dr. Witherspoon will ask permission to take a closer look and begin figuring out what is going on. We will also have you complete some additional paperwork with your physical signature. The time necessary to do so is part of your initial appointment time, so please be on time.

The Third Step – Assessment and Formulation of an Individualized Care Plan

After Dr. Witherspoon checks out your problem and has formed his initial impression, it is very likely he will ask to take pictures of your spine. He often makes this request because knowing the current health of your bones and joints is crucial for him to best determine what kind of plan is necessary to help fix the cause of your problem.

Adjusting is rarely performed at your initial visit, although every person is different. An individualized care plan will be recommended and we will inform you of any charges to be incurred before services are rendered.

Please note: Dr. Witherspoon reserves the right to alter the process of treatment to appropriately care for you, the patient.