What Makes Us Different?

On your way to our office, you will likely drive past several other chiropractors. What makes us different from all the rest? In most chiropractic offices, alignment of your back is checked, some orthopedic tests might be performed to figure out what is happening with your body, and you’re off into treatment.

Our Desire – Provide Excellent Care

So why should you choose Fix the Cause Chiropractic? Thankfully for many patients, chiropractic works so well that even poor assessment and poor technique can deliver pain relief. But at Fix the Cause Chiropractic, we won’t settle for poor or average. We want to know what is causing the problem so we can design a plan for you you that specifically addresses your problem, including how to fix the cause. For you, we want excellent!

Our Approach – Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation

The biggest thing that sets us apart is Dr. Witherspoon’s knowledge and understanding of functional assessment and rehabilitation. We use a functional model of chiropractic that few others do. At Fix the Cause Chiropractic, we address the cause – from improper joint movement and muscle patterns, to systemic inflammation caused by hidden allergies, to stuck muscle memory caused by physical or emotional trauma from your past – whatever is the cause of your individual health issue or problem.

Our Goal – Fix the Cause

If a chiropractor gets your bones moving properly, but doesn’t help you change your muscle patterns so that new motion is properly supported, guess what? The problem will return, because the cause was not fixed… the muscles were not trained to hold properly and the body doesn’t have the endurance needed to maintain proper posture. We truly are prepared to fix the cause, and we will keep peeling away at the spines of the artichoke (your health issues) until we get down to the heart of the matter (the cause of your health issues). We also respect your independence, and we will dig only as deep for the cause of your pain and other health issues as you want us to go.

Our Invitation – Serve You

Our whole-body, functional, fix-the-cause style of care is what truly sets us apart from so many other chiropractors. We hope you will schedule an initial consultation and speak to us about your health. We are prepared to serve you and help you fix the cause!

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