Welcome to Fix the Cause Chiropractic!

If you are seeing us for the first time, we want to make your visit comfortable and welcoming. Knowing what to expect at your first and subsequent chiropractic appointments will help make each visit positive and uplifting.

Your First Visit

You are welcome to download and fill out some of your new patient paperwork prior to your visit. Click here to do so. We typically schedule new patients to allow for 15 minutes of paperwork and approximately an hour with the doctor. During your face-to-face time with Dr. Witherspoon, he will conduct an initial consultation, and if he believes your issue may be helped by Chiropractic care, he will proceed to perform an exam, which often includes x-rays. The office will schedule a second visit so Dr. Witherspoon can show you what he found and discuss next steps.

Your Second Visit

At your second visit, Dr. Witherspoon will review what he found during his investigation of your issues. If x-rays were taken, he will show them to you and, in lay terms, explain what is going on. If he believes Chiropractic may be part or all of the solution, he will recommend a “test adjustment” to see how your body moves when treated with chiropractic. And if your body responds the way he expects it to, he will take time to put together recommendations to deliver the best results, and will review them with you at your next appointment.

Your Subsequent Visits

After your first three appointments, (Consult & Exam, review of findings, review of plan), as the doctor will know where you need treatment to focus, appointments will be much more concise and focused. Most patients only need to spend 15-20 minutes in the office for their regular care appointments. This only deviates if there is a re-exam or massage scheduled, or on the rare occasion that Dr. Witherspoon is running late.

As your pain & functional issues diminish, Dr. Witherspoon can also provide lifestyle and nutritional counseling, along with other services to help you achieve and maintain maximum results and maximum life.

We are a private pay office and accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards for payment. Some Health Savings or Flex Savings Accounts allow Chiropractic care, and if so, may be used as well. If your insurance covers chiropractic, we can provide the necessary paperwork for you to mail to your insurer; any reimbursement depends entirely upon your coverage, and should go to you, not our office.

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