I had headaches and pressure in my head nearly everyday.  Fix The Cause Chiropractic changed my life and I feel a lot better.  I have less headaches and my focus has improved in class.

-C.C., age 16

When I first came to Fix The Cause Chiropractic I was in serious pain. I had strained my neck and my back was bad, with intense pain from muscle spasms.  I was unable to move due to the pain.  Only being halfway through my treatment I am so much better!  I can now work out, and walk 2-4 miles on a consistent basis!  I am able to do yard work again!

-Nathan H., age 28

I came to Dr. Witherspoon with pain in my lower back after working out.  He found that I have a short leg that was twisting my hips and contributing to early degeneration in my low back!  I really appreciated the attention to detail and the doctor’s explanation of my problem, as well as solutions.  I worked with the doctor and his assistant, and through adjusting and several rehab options, we leveled my hips, fixing the problem that led me to my injury in the first place.

-Devan J., age 37

I had lower back pain, numbness in my arm and leg on a daily basis.  Through care with Fix The Cause Chiropractic, my pain has decreased and now I know what my body is like without pain.  It’s nice!

Sol R., age 27

I came to Fix The Cause through another chiropractor with limited hours who referred me.  I am in my 80s and am an avid bowler, bowling in three leagues a week, but my back hurt to do anything.  Since starting care with Dr. Witherspoon, I’m happier, not as miserable, and I can bowl better with little to no pain!

-Marilyn E., age 81

I found Dr. Witherspoon through a natural nutritional doctor who thought I had structural issues.  My biggest issue was pain in the lower left hip and sciatica running down my leg.  After consistent care, I’m so much better and not in any pain!

-Ruth K, age 75

I found Fix The Cause Chiropractic after a year of cancer recovery.  During recovery, my back had been in great pain, and even after the pain decreased, my wife noticed that my back was twisted.  During care at FTCC, my back untwisted, and I began regaining the strength and flexibility I had lost after the surgery!  I would definitely recommend Fix The Cause Chiropractic!

-Larry T., age 38

My left arm and neck were in total pain, I could hardly keep my eyes open, my head was buzzing and every inch of my scalp was hurting.  I met Dr. Witherspoon at a health fair and decided to see if chiropractic could help, as nothing else had.  Now, the pain and all the other symptoms are practically gone.  I feel strong, energetic, and I do more work daily than before!  I hope to be able to get as healthy as possible and live a life that can be of service to others less fortunate.

-Josefina C., age 78

When I met Dr. Witherspoon, I was experiencing low back and hip pain, largely from lifting animals as part of my job.  I was rarely able to sleep without medication.  Dr. Witherspoon took xrays and found my issue.  After a treatment protocol, I no longer needed medication to sleep, and all my pain had improved dramatically.  I would definitely recommend Fix The Cause Chiropractic.

-Deborah D., age 52

I was hit from behind at such speed that even though I was buckled, my head hit the windshield.  I dealt with pain in my head, neck and low back over a number of months.  My attorney sent me to a chiropractor, but I didn’t experience much improvement.  Finally, more than 6 months after my accident, I found Dr. Witherspoon.  Through exam and x-ray, he found I still had evidence of whiplash in my spine, and began treating me.  I began improving, and have been so impressed that I have referred several of my co-workers to Dr. Witherspoon!

-Tiffany B., age 39

I had significant back pain.  My daughter, who had received great results working with Dr. Witherspoon, referred me for treatment, and now I’m able to do many things I was able to do in early life.  My hope is to remain stable as I age, and I will stay under his care to ensure that.

-Bertha M, age 89

I started care at Fix The Cause Chiropractic because of hip pain from helping a friend move.  After a short amount of care, the pain was gone, and I dropped out of care.  The next year, my wife encouraged me to go back and discuss my low back pain with Dr. Witherspoon, which I had endured for over 20 years.  After taking x-rays, Dr. Witherspoon pointed out the degeneration that was leading to my pain and formed a plan.  After going through care to help my body align properly – both joints and muscles – I no longer have to worry about consistent back pain!

-Marcus S. age 55

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 40 years, and never had a Chiropractor check my upper spine.  After finding Dr. Witherspoon for my low back pain, but allowing him to check my neck and upper back, I started receiving treatment in my whole spine.  The results have been excellent, and I now feel straighter.  Dr. Witherspoon has used a tool called the “Arthrostim” to care for me instead of using traditional hand adjusting, and for someone with my condition, that has been wonderful and has helped me improve as much as I have!

-Karen T., age 62

I had been in a car accident, resulting in pain from the time I awoke to the time I tried to sleep.  After being referred to Dr. Witherspoon by my long-time Chiropractor who had semi-retired, I began receiving care at Fix The Cause Chiropractic.  Now, I am in much better shape, recovered from my car accident, and I am able to use the skills and exercises in my everyday life to help my body.

-Christine A., age 46

I experienced a difficult pregnancy with my first child.  After that birth, I had found Dr. Witherspoon, and he had worked with me to get my body in shape.  When I became pregnant with my second child, I began pregnancy care at Fix The Cause Chiropractic in the hope that my second pregnancy would be much better than the first.  Both pregnancy AND delivery were so much better than the first because of the Chiropractic plan put together and followed.

-Rebecca D., age 23

I became a patient at Fix The Cause Chiropractic after a referral from my daughter, who had experienced significantly improved heart palpitations under Dr. Witherspoon’s care.  At the time, I was having neck and shoulder problems, causing numbness in the arms.  I wanted to feel better, live healthier, and be more active, and after receiving care, that is exactly what I have experienced

-Jenine F., age 64