Potential patients often ask these questions:

Can I come as a new patient and get adjusted on the same day?

A: Dr. Witherspoon always performs a consultation, exam and x-rays to determine a patient’s condition.  A patient with a sudden and severe condition may receive some sort of treatment at the initial visit to relieve symptoms.  As accuracy and appropriate treatment is crucial to the proper care of each patient, no adjustment will be done until the doctor has had time to thoroughly review the patient’s condition and x-rays.

Does my insurance cover chiropractic at Fix The Cause?

A: We are not in-network with any insurance companies, but we can provide paperwork to enable you to file and attempt to receive reimbursement for your care.  Reimbursement does not come to our office but goes directly to the patient.

Medicare is a mild exception.  Our office requires payment for services, but will file for our patients; frequently, Medicare will cover around 80% of active care and reimburse our patients.

What ages can become patients at FTCC?

A: Dr. Witherspoon’s youngest patient has been 10 hours old, and his oldest is currently 92.  We are a family practice, and Dr. Witherspoon does not limit who can be checked and cared for.  If at any point he believes a patient would be better served by a referral to a specialist, he refers; however, many conditions respond well to Chiropractic, and referrals are rarely needed.

Does FTCC accept workers compensation and/or personal injury claims?

A: We do, in most cases, accept personal injury (PI) cases.  Potential PI patients will need to speak to our front desk to determine if they are eligible for a 3rd party to pay for their care.

FTCC is not in the Workers Compensation system and it is rare than any care can be delivered to Workers Compensation patients.

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What is our goal for every patient?

A: Our desire is for every patient to reach the maximum level of health they can achieve. We put together a plan to help each patient reach their potential. This is our goal: to elevate the health of every patient so they can enjoy life, unhindered by pain or dysfunction.