Dr. Presten Witherspoon has been a chiropractic patient since 1989 and a chiropractic doctor since 2006.

He spent 2009-2011 as an associate chiropractor at Health Touch Chiropractic, a premiere wellness clinic in Portland, Oregon. While at Health Touch, Dr. Witherspoon was tasked with developing a “functional rehabilitation” program to address functional deficiencies in patients.

Functional deficiencies are usually what cause people to develop pain and degenerative problems as they age. When the body isn’t functioning (moving) properly, the body compensates, and that compensation usually leads to pain or degeneration over time.

Dr. Witherspoon has brought his knowledge of proper functional patterns and functional rehabilitation to his hometowns, Cedar Hill and Duncanville, Texas. He has named his practice Fix the Cause Chiropractic, as it appropriately describes his philosophy and his daily aim.

Dr. Witherspoon’s practice opened in a tiny Cedar Hill office in 2011, moved to a larger office on Main Street in Duncanville in 2014, and in April 2016 moved to a new location at the intersection of Wheatland Road and Main Street in Duncanville.

Dr. Witherspoon lives in Cedar Hill, has been married since 2004, and has two daughters.